The trend in mens for 2020 is going loose

The trend in mens for 2020 is going loose

Using a seemingly endless trickle of new-ins and new-outs, it can be difficult on both your wallet and your wardrobe to play catch-up with the latest menswear collections.

Fortunately, this year sees a few of 2019’s most significant trends spill over into 2020. So in addition to breaking down what you need to be holding on to pinpoint the key looks, we caught up with a few industry insiders to get the styling tips that’ll increase the wear you can get out of last year’s investments.

The form-hugging fit was on its way out, but 2019 was the year that finished them off. From baggy denim to Chandler Bing-approved oversize tailoring, loose cuts crept in the fringes of style and to mainstream menswear, marking a sartorial change that seems set to continue long into the next decade.

When you have spent the past year pouring yourself into slender and skinny-fit everything, the notion of wearing something that does not cling desperately to your calves can be a daunting prospect. The key to nailing it lies in understanding how to make a clean, cohesive shape from head to toe.

In most areas of menswear, the comparison is a fantastic thing, but not here. Wearing a set of tight-fitting pants and a baggy coat, for example, will look unbalanced and disproportionate. If your legwear is relaxed, whatever is on your upper half should be, too.

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