How to Change your look in 2021

How to Change your look in 2021

2020 was the year of online shopping, walking around the house in our new clothes with nowhere to go. This is even more of a reason why 2021 will be a year of fashion trends that are wild and fun. Entering a new year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start and a new style. It is a great time to tweak anything you want to improve about yourself. Your appearance or ‘image’ should make YOU happy and leave you oozing with confidence. If your look doesn’t do this, small changes or adjustments can be made heading into 2021. Spending a little bit of extra time on your look each day can improve your mental health and encourage you to feel more motivated. This can open up new opportunities for you, as you will be more inclined to step out of your comfort zone.

Alongside what makes you feel ‘good’, considering current trends is also important. Essentially, a trend is known as the general direction in which something is developing or changing. ‘Trends’ in the fashion world, are always changing, and what was ‘in style’ or fashionable 40 years ago, is now frowned upon today. From leg warmers to extremely big hair, this reminds us to live in the moment and to do what makes us feel most comfortable. Kylie Jenner’s big lips and big breasts were increasingly popular over the last few years, with lip filler and breast surgery trends being normalized. REMINDER: Don’t get carried away trying to change in the hope of looking like someone else, love yourself and enhance your natural beauty.

With easing COVID restrictions, plastic surgery clinics and cosmetic centers, as well as beauticians have been able to commence work. Increased demand for breast implants and other popular procedures has been overwhelming. It is important to allow yourself to adjust to normal life again before jumping into anything too soon. Be sure that changing your look isn’t dictated by the days spent scrolling on social media during isolation.

Social media has become a platform for society to get fashion inspiration and style tips from around the world. Whether this is through Instagram influencers or a Tik Tok video craze. Such platforms have also normalized cosmetic surgeries and procedures, such as breast augmentation surgery, whereby there are forums, blogs and even Youtube videos that are published to encourage the discussion of plastic surgery. Some argue, however, that the normalization and accessibility of cosmetic surgery are moving society towards “homogenization of beauty”. It is important that when changing your look or considering dermal fillers, you are also appreciating your natural beauty and therefore simply enhancing what your Moma gave you!

Here are some style tips and tricks that can help guide you into the new year:

Elevate your Wardrobe

One of the easiest ways to change your look is to raid your wardrobe. Be sure to free up some space and donate the clothes you don’t wear anymore, this will also help you to grow as a person as clutter can often impact us negatively. Through this, you may also come across different items that you own, (that you forgot you had) allowing for new outfit combinations. This can be fun!

Statement pieces

A pair of statement shoes or a bright accessory can also make your look go from hi, to HELLO! A very straight forward replacement of your old black boring bag with a new shiny red clutch can make a world of difference and be so effortless at the same time. Touches of color can also be seen through choice of footwear, lipstick color, nail polish, eyeshadows, coloured contact lenses, and so on.

Ask yourself how you spend your time

Depending on what type of lifestyle you live, your wardrobe and appearance must align with your career choice and hobbies. If you are working in an office, you may dress more professionally. Changing your hair color, wearing a wig, some contact lenses, or having funky nails may be something you do only get to do on weekends. Some jobs often require you to wear a uniform, which means for the majority of the week you have minimal room for leverage or creativity.

Get everyone to stare at your hair

If you are brave enough, giving yourself a new haircut or hairstyle is something you can consider. This is the epitome of the quote ‘New year new me’. Whether this is going shorter or investing in some hair extensions, bleaching your hair blonde, or going to the dark side. If you are feeling a little more reserved, try making some smaller yet very effective changes. This could be creating a part in your hair on the other side of your face or trying some up do hairstyles, curling instead of having your hair straight, or vice versa. Keeping your hair looking shiny and youthful will also give you a chic and neat look.

Faux fabrics

With generations being more ethically conscious regarding animal-free alternatives means staying away from fur, wool, leather, and silk.  Opting for cruelty-free and eco-friendly alternatives has become trendy through recycled fabrics and semi-synthetic textiles, both made from natural resources. Get yourself a pair of faux leather pants and a faux fur coat for winter and feel proud for making the changes you’ve made.

COVID-safe is ‘trendy’

Face masks have become a must-have, and an extra thing to match with our outfit. This will be your opportunity to show that you put thought into coordinating your clothes and that you appreciate what it means to ‘match’. Investing in high quality but breathable face masks with awesome, fun, and colorful designs can be your little pop of creativity at work or when you head out to see your friends!

Stylish Loungewear

You can mix up your style by making loungewear look chic. Swapping your sweatpants for some neat joggers or wearing your leggings with a casual, but fitted sweater can make you look effortlessly, fashionable.

Less is more: Neutrals

Soft, solid neutral tones will be popular in 2021. Filling up your wardrobe with these basic but very important colors will allow for a consistency of style. Finding what neutral tone works for you and purchasing some basics will set the ground for your wardrobe. They will become the ‘I don’t know what to wear’ go-to outfits in moments you are rushed or overwhelmed. Pairing these colors with blue wash denim jeans or even some black leggings are a must!

Ultimately, changing your look should be an opportunity for you to express yourself and encourage you to get creative. Ensuring the changes you make help you feel confident and comfortable should be your focus. Happy shopping!