Popular interior design styles

Popular interior design styles

Interior design is one way that people can express their own individual styles and personalities. Throughout the years, trends have come and gone but some have stuck around. Some trends are constantly becoming popular time and time again. From coastal design, to the Hamptons look, to art deco, country and minimalist; there are so many varying design styles to suit everyone’s taste. Take a look at some of our favourite interior design styles to determine what might best suit your own individual style.


Contemporary coastal is a popular style for interiors as it reflects a laid back and restful home. Your surroundings become a getaway with an airy natural palette. Gorgeous beach coastal furniture is used through the home to make it feel light and airy. Furthermore, beach homewares scattered around the home can also help to add a coastal feel to the place. White is generally the base colour with textures added in. More popular these days than the blue accents is a more organic feel with linens, raw woods and rattan furniture. This style often features beautiful curved walls and more naturals materials throughout the space.


This style is inspired by homes on the east coast of America. Hamptons style is an enduring classic look with a relaxed feel. White and navy is essential in a Hamptons home, with touches of soft greys and duck egg blue to give it a nautical style. Natural textures are used to reflect the coastal dunes. There is a common use of mirrors throughout the home, light woods and often sandstone on a fireplace. Plantation shutters are featured along with sumptuous fabric lounges and an abundance of cushions. This style creates a social and welcoming atmosphere. It also offers up a sense of luxury, as the Hamptons is very well known for being the home to many of the rich and famous. You can live like a CEO leading teams, a famous artist or a well-known actor with this style in your home.

Art Deco

Art Deco, the home of Hercule Poirot! This interior style has been around for decades and has lasted the test of time. The strong design theme became popular after World War 1 and is still very well-liked today. People love the old-world glamour associated with Art Deco. Its great craftsmanship and curves are reflected in the furniture choices that are made by interior designers. It is a little busier than other styles that are common in today’s age but has a feel of great luxury. This style is very popular with interior design firms as it can be a bit more challenging to execute well. It is definitely not something that everyone can pull off, and it most certainly requires a lot of research to get it right.


Country style homes conjure up open fires on a cold winter’s night in a rural setting. With warm colours and rich textures, it becomes a welcoming informal gathering. Deep hues are used to give a cosy feel. Vintage furniture creates a rustic mood with flea market finds throughout the home. These homes are always laid back and cosy and promote family living. If you have small children, some pets or are hoping to start a family, this design style may be one that you fall in love with.


Minimalism is one trend that has been extremely popular lately. The trend features simplistic design and is also heavily influenced by principles of sustainability. The idea is to make sure that your home is not cluttered and that you only purchase what you truly need. Minimalism is grounded in efforts to stop impulse buying, over consuming goods, and just having an organised space. Many YouTubers have preached minimalism to their viewers in a way to promote eco-friendly living. Through buying only what you need in terms of décor and furniture, you will help to reduce landfill in the long run. Buying second-hand furnishings and decorative pieces will further assist in helping the environment, as you will be supporting recycling and reusing products.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people have grown to have a real appreciation for the outdoors and spending time with their friends, family and loved ones. Interior designers predict that alfresco living will be on the rise when individuals renovate or build their homes in the coming years. By having open plan kitchen, dining and living areas, it promotes a sense of being social. Having some outdoor space, where you can watch the kids play when you are cooking breakfast or dinner can be particularly rewarding, as it promotes a sense of family unity.

Vintage Interior Design

Vintage interior design has always been popular. It combines old trends whilst still having a modern twist. Purchasing vintage furniture can make your home look very unique if you source one of a kind pieces. Furthermore, purchasing vintage items will help the environment, as reusing and recycling design items is highly sustainable and eco-friendly. It helps to reduce landfill, as purchasing vintage gives furniture a second life. It can also be highly affordable if you source your own vintage pieces from second hand stores. On the other hand, there are many luxury vintage pieces on the market to make your home look expensive. The ‘vintage style’ is broad and can encompass any style from retro to old vintage French styles. It is truly a broad category but is ideal if you are looking to make your home unique.

Modern and Contemporary Design

This design style incorporates modern finishes and appliances. Generally, there is a lot of white and grey in modern and contemporary designs. Sleek furniture and minimal textures are often part of a modern home. It is designed for practicality, making it a fantastic style for modern families. Contemporary homes usually incorporate open plan living and dining, and often have an outdoor-indoor living area. Primarily, décor is fairly minimal, and the focus is placed upon functionality. Smooth lines and fuss free walls and light fixtures make up a part of the trend. All in all, this trend is a great simple and family friendly design style to add to your home.